ERIK’S Bike Shop

Business ID:

  • B2C Regional
  • Multilocation


  • PPC

ERIK’S is the Midwest’s leading bike, ski and snowboard retailer with over 25 locations across 7 states.  When ERIK’s approached Rocket55, they had one primary objective: drive more foot traffic to their physical stores. They were tracking website visits to their store locator page but were not able to attribute any digital marketing efforts to actual in-store visits.


  • Utilized our Google Premier Partner status to get early access to in-store visit data in Google Ads (at the time unavailable to the general public) which allowed them to see when a user visited a brick-and-mortar store after clicking an ad
  • Attributed over 30,000 store visits to our paid advertising efforts in a single year
  • Assisted new store openings with corresponding advertising campaigns to ensure successful launches
  • Built campaigns for in-store promotions to drive more foot traffic

Over the last 3 years, ERIK’S has significantly grown its geographic footprint by adding stores in 5 additional states. Rocket55 continues to use in-store visit data as the main KPI for the engagement. We are proud to have become a trusted partner and work alongside internal staff as they continue to push into new markets.