May 20

The Weekly Briefing: Give the People What They Want

Account Manager Olivia Allen talked about an important “character-building” event…
In what seems to be a common theme this quarter, Google has rolled out yet another change to their SERP layout. In addition to colors changing and sidebars vanishing, title tag length has jumped from displaying 50-60 characters to now showing 70 (or 71, if you are lucky), and mobile SERPs deliver 78 characters per title tag. While it may not sound like much, we can’t help but cheer about it here (holy optimization, Batman!). Descriptions also gained some SERP real estate, increasing 16-20 characters per line (an overall jump from 150-160 characters to 200). This news further supports the call to have less keyword-stuffed title tags, and instead, opt for more descriptive, readable content.
Copywriter Andrew Vanderiet talked about GIFs and SEO (and sparked a rather impassioned debate)…
When you can’t find the words to accurately describe how you feel, turn to GIFs. Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is an image format that is actually quite technical, but for now, all you need to know is…

This is a GIF.

Source: Highlander News
Source: Highlander News

This is also a GIF.


According to digital marketer extraordinaire Neil Patel, the human brain processes visual data 60,000 times faster than plain text. So, how could you not want to use them? While they are fun to use, but aren’t ideal vehicles for implementing a great SEO strategy. GIFs load much slower than JPEGs, PNGs, and SVGs, and they can’t be read as well by Google. What GIFs are perfect for, however, is content marketing strategy (in moderation, of course), and despite their conflict SEO effectiveness, people love them. In fact, GIF search engine Giphy just received a $55 million investment from venture capital funders to keep up the good work. Give the people what they want!
Social Media Specialist Alexandra Messerli shared some exciting news for businesses that use Instagram…
Social media platform Instagram announced this week that it is preparing to launch new analytics tools for businesses. Over the past year, Instagram has introduced an algorithmic-based timeline and enabled businesses to schedule posts (as opposed to only real-time sharing). The new analytics will be called “Insights,” and will offer information on demographics and long-term post performance (clicks, impressions, etc.). This update will strengthen Instagram’s power in the social media business world, as providing analytics is something all marketers crave.