November 24

The Weekly Briefing: The Importance of Passion and Patience

SEM Specialist Andrew Vanderiet talked about what Bernie Sanders can teach us about SEO …

Politics aside, Bernie Sanders has a pretty savvy group of supporters helping him along the 2016 Election Journey. Regardless of Sanders’ supporters SEO experience, they have managed to teach us a few things about future optimization efforts. Search Engine Land Columnist Tom Demers recounted the Google search query that resulted in this revelation: “register to vote democratic primary ma.” The first organic search result was none other than a Bernie Sanders microsite that is nearly bursting with helpful voter information for all fifty states.

lessons from bernie


If you dive deeper into Demers’ research, you’ll see that this one page microsite has taken over an impressive amount of “how to vote” searches and is still sweeping across social media. So, what does this teach SEOs about gaining organic search visibility? Having a passionate community and exceptional product that people can get excited about is priceless. Pair that energy with a user-friendly, valuable resource, and you could see a similar visibility boost.

SEO Copywriter Jared Townsend shared a SEO/Featured Snippets case study …

Columnist Ben Goodsell partnered with Cheryl Jones of Merkle to learn more about the effects of having a featured snippet. In just four months, Goodsell and Jones secured a featured snippet for one of their clients. While the CTR saw an impressive jump from 2% to 8%, the biggest boost came from the revenue from organic visitors landing on the page. The client saw a 677% improvement in landing page revenue!

benefits of featured snippets
Source: Search Engine Land

While this is just one case study, the results are enough to inspire SEOs to start learning more about creating content that will translate into a featured snippet.

Account Manager Michelle Conway talked about the importance of adding SEO strategy into a business’s 2016 marketing plan …

One of the most difficult aspects of digital marketing is adequately informing businesses why SEO is critical and, in fact, directly correlated to the business’s bottom line.  Columnist Trond Lyngbø of Search Engine Land highlighted four major talking points regarding the necessity of implementing SEO in 2016: your marketing can’t be fully integrated without an SEO strategy; without SEO you’ve taken yourself out of the buyer’s journey; SEO cannot be treated like paid advertising (or even traditional advertising); and you need to create an implementation plan that can move efficiently through your business’s chain of command. Yes, you will have to explain how immediate, positive results are rare and that SEO takes time. However, you can present meaningful metrics to track over time that will allow you to show a quantifiable ROI.