February 18

The Weekly Briefing: Buzzing, Tweeting, and Searching

Here are some of the headlines from our weekly meeting:

SEM Specialist Reed Langton-Yanowitz talked about the expiring Apple/Google deal regarding Safari’s default search engine. Bing and Yahoo were the expected contenders to fill the void, but Apple’s job opening for an “Engineering Project Manager – Apple Search” has caught the attention of the Internet. The end of Google being Safari’s default search would result in a massive drop of mobile traffic, decrease Google market share, and hurt paid click rates. If Apple decides to pursue its own search, Google could see a serious decrease in profits.

SEO Copywriter Jared Townsend shared a great tool for content strategy: Buzzsumo. Not only does Buzzsumo collect information about trending topics and top influencers, but also features great search filters so you can effectively research your competition as well as other topics related to your primary keyword. Here is a great overview of how Buzzsumo can work for SEO marketers and copywriters alike.

Content Marketing Strategist Angela Sanders shared news about the news of Google and Twitter striking a new deal to show tweets as part of Google search results. The two companies had a similar agreement in 2009, which resulted in a brief era of “Google Real Time Search,” and dissolved in 2011. The new partnership is Twitter’s attempt of reaching an even larger audience than it already has – 284 million is just not enough – and reach “logged out” users. We could see SEO play a more prominent role in Tweets, a strategy beyond hash tag trends. The general public’s desire for immediacy of information is taking a turn as Twitter has transformed from a “status update” to “information super highway,” and we’ll wait to see if the Twitter/Google reunion changes search queries for better or worse.