November 20

Success Stories in Digital Marketing

On Wednesday evening, the Rocket55 team attended the MNSearch event “Success Stories in Digital Marketing,” where five digital marketing professionals gave presentations on a variety of topics.  Here are some of the main takeaways:

  1. Adam Dince discussed the building of online social communities, and how to break out of the conventional mold with regards to social media marketing.  He argued that the basic metrics that people often focus on most, such as likes, and shares, are really not what makes social media valuable.  He argued that instead it is more important to foster and develop ongoing relationships online that can translate into business opportunities in the real world.  One way he recommended doing this is through hosting and participating in Twitter chat. 
  2. Nate Plaunt spoke about the enormous value of optimizing internal workflow processes in marketing.  He strongly recommended implementing a content creation process that is easily recreated in order to save time, ensure quality, and promote scalability.  In addition, he detailed the importance for any marketing agency to have clear communication between the client, sales, the account manager, and the production team prior to work beginning on the account to ensure that everybody is on the same page, and projects don’t go over budget.
  3. Axel Rosar delved into the basics setting up an Adwords account.  He asserted that having a high quality score across the board is imperative to having an efficiently optimized campaign.  He also made note of the two-week ramp-up period after enabling campaigns to run ads in which Google is still collecting data about the relative success of the campaigns.  He saw significant improvements in the performance of his campaigns after this initial two-week period.
  4. Craig Johnson explored how to fill real-world events using digital marketing.  He concluded that a cross-channel approach is the best way to gain exposure to a large, diverse audience.  He also stated that as more channels are added to the marketing effort, there is an amplification effect that occurs, which serves to create a buzz and drive demand for an event.
  5. Nick Noble presented on the value of creating a thorough pay-per-click account audit based on specific goals.  He also recommended reassessing account success relative to those goals regularly every 3-6 months.  From his experience with e-commerce, he also advised using dynamic search ads, and using product-listing ads to take full advantage of the PPC channel.

Overall it was a very educational, and thought-provoking night.  We are definitely looking forward to the next event!