May 11

Rocket55 Donates Web Design Services to Deserving Local Charity

In part of our dedication to community outreach, Rocket55 has decided to donate our web services to an extremely worthy and wonderful local non-profit organization, Cakes on Wheels. This organization, started by Minneapolis woman Veronica Descotte, bakes and delivers birthday cakes to kids whose families can’t afford them. Descotte and the Cakes on Wheels organization firmly believes that every child should have a chance to celebrate their day, feel special and make a wish, no matter what their financial situation is.

Cakes on Wheels makes each deserving child their own, beautifully decorated cake from scratch and personally delivers the cakes to their home to help the parents celebrate their child’s day. Descotte does all the baking out of her home with the help of her husband and a few select volunteers and has loved spreading the joys of birthday wishes to these struggling families. She wants every child to have the chance to blow out their own birthday candles. To her, it’s not as much about the act of making the wish, but rather the mind set that these kids can still have their wishes, even when their families are going through hard times.

At Rocket55, we are inspired and impressed with Cakes on Wheels and what their organization is doing for people in our community. We are excited to work with Veronica and Cakes on Wheels and are working hard to get their new site up and running. Here is a little sneak peak at our vision for the Cakes on Wheels site. Stay tuned for Cakes on Wheel’s brand new site and consider donating to this local marvel at