June 13

Google Shares the Latest During Visit to Rocket55

As a Google Premier Partner, Rocket55 has a strong relationship with the company behind the world’s most popular search engine.


While Google projects like self-driving cars, wireless internet connectivity for people in rural and remote areas worldwide, and glucose testing contact lenses capture headlines, the Google team visited Rocket55 to provide additional insights on helping our clients connect with their target audiences using Google’s online products.


Audiences today are increasingly fragmented. In 1988, companies could advertise on one TV show and reach 25 percent of U.S. households. Today, the most popular show on TV, “The Big Bang Theory,” reaches only 2.5 percent of U.S. households.


While TV no longer is the one-stop method to reach a target audience, online is. Google’s offerings range from Gmail to YouTube to Google Play — in all, Google has seven products that each have more than one billion users.


The biggest change taking place online is the transition to mobile and voice search. Today, half of search queries are conducted on mobile devices, and one-third of all searches are voice searches.


This transition is making long-tail keywords even more relevant; keyword phrases that are 7 to 10 words long are becoming more common as people are using voice. More importantly, the keywords used are much heavier on intent. (Think of a search for “pizza” before compared to a search for “have a pepperoni pizza delivered” today.)


To impact the decisions of consumers, Google recommends three essential strategies that can help advertisers win in these moments: be there, be useful, and be quick.


In essence, think about what websites resonate with you. Is your website there when consumers are searching? Are you providing them the information that they need when they need it? Does your website load quickly?


Google also makes it easy to measure the results of your campaign. The latest is that Google can track the effectiveness of ads in the real world too, thanks to partnerships with companies that account for 70 percent of credit & debit card purchases in the U.S.


As such an innovative company, Google is constantly changing, and thanks to our Google Premier Partner status, Rocket55 is there for you on the bleeding edge of the digital marketing evolution.