October 4

5 Facts in Under 5 Minutes, Episode 4

In this episode of 5Facts, SEO Specialist Matt Pfeifer discusses Gutenberg WordPress Editor, Google Adwords changes, Facebook instant video and more.


Hi, I’m Matthew Pfeifer with Rocket55, and this is 5 SEO Facts in Under 5 Minutes.


1. WordPress Gutenberg 

Gutenberg! Gutenberg is WordPress’s new editor. It’s replacing Visual Editor, and what it’s hoping to do is take a lot of the short code and HTML out of what was previously needed to make a website, and replace it with something that is strictly visual. A lot of people are kind of up in the air about this. They feel it’s going the way of Squarespace or Wix and making very stock-looking websites, but WordPress promises otherwise. If you want to give it a try, they’re offering the beta to almost a million people, so if you want to, you can still hop in and get early access to it.

2. AdWords Rotation Change

Starting September 25th, Google AdWords is going to simplify its ad rotation. Previously, there was four options: one of which was “rotate evenly”, the other three were all different various ways to optimize your ads. Now, they’re going to move to just one option to optimize, and it’s going to let Google’s artificial intelligence take over completely. So essentially, the two different options, “rotate evenly” and “optimize”, it’s going to start out a lot like “rotate evenly”, where the ads are going to be fed to a lot of different people. But then as AdWords gets the results for your ads, it’s going to pick the best ones that are really converting, narrowing in your target market, and then use the optimize portion of artificial intelligence to make sure those ads are getting to similar consumer bases and being shown more times to the similar amount of people that are converting. Google’s going to do it’s best to keep your previous settings for all your old campaigns, but it’s coming.

3. Google Hawk

Google Hawk! Google Hawk is Google’s new algorithm update — it helps to address local listing issues. Essentially what was happening is very similar businesses that were located very close to each other weren’t being shown in the local listings. This was due to Google feeling like it was being tricked. When you’d say there was ten dentists within, you know, a block of each other, they think they’re being tricked, so they wouldn’t show all those advertisements. Now Google is seeing their faulty ways and they’re addressing this, so now when you search businesses that are like one another, close together in an area, they’ll all get shown.

4. Facebook Instant Video

Facebook Instant Video. What this is is, Facebook’s way of staying ahead of the competition. Some of the trends online are that mobile is being used more and more, and video is one of the leading types of content for engagement, and this is Facebook’s way of staying ahead of that. Essentially, what they’re doing is making sure that the video loads incredibly fast on your phone to make it the best user experience as possible. So why does it matter? Well, time and time again, video has shown to be the best content type, and now utilizing Facebook more and more for that type of content will provide you better results. And it’s only going to get stronger; your results are only going to get better into the future as the whole trend of the Internet is moving towards more video and fast mobile content.

5. Facebook Predictive Ads

Facebook predictive advertising. This is exactly what it sounds like. Essentially, Facebook is going to take all of your user data — everything you put on there — and make sure it’s feeding you advertisements you want to see. The best example of this is when you’re traveling. If it sees that you’ve been in an airport recently, if you’ve checked into a new hotel, it’s probably going to start recommending things like local attractions to see or restaurants. This is a new type of ad Facebook is currently testing, and it’s in beta, so you can be watching for it in the pipeline down the road. As a marketer, get ready for this. If you’re in the hospitality industry, the tourism industry, or any sort of travel industry, you’re going to want to make sure you’re utilizing this type of marketing. A: it will provide you the best results, but as well it will actually offer your customers something they’re looking to have in the moment they need to have it.


I’m Matthew Pfeifer with Rocket55, and this has been 5 Facts in Under 5 Minutes.