January 22

What Puts the Plus in Google Plus


Google Plus was released in June of 2011. It was faced with much adversity and skepticism.  Could Google Plus really become the wave of the social media future? Well, the future has arrived and we can safely say yes. Having a presence on Google Plus is vital for anyone and any business in 2013.

What makes Google Plus so pivotal in the world of business? With Google Plus, Google has essentially integrated social media with global search. Until this point social media and search have been relatively separate. In fact, Facebook and Twitter have made efforts to prevent Google from indexing profiles and posts. Google Plus combines the two previously competing entities.

As Google Plus becomes more advanced, the profiles and pages are showing up on the side of Google search results. Having your Google Plus profile rank high will only help to generate more traffic to your website. Google ranks profiles based on how relevant they are to whatever the user has searched. This means the more relevant the content on your Google Plus profile, the better.

Having your Google Plus profile rank high is definitely beneficial in the world of SEO. Google can easily tell how relevant the content on your profile is based on the actual content, who has shared it, who has +1’d (similar to Facebook’s “Like” application) and what circles you’re in.  If a user is searching a term and not only sees you in the organic search results, but sees Google also likes your profile, this will increase your web traffic.  This also gives small businesses that are struggling to compete for certain keywords a chance to show up in search results. If your website doesn’t rank well for a certain keyword, your Google Plus profile still can!

While the change and shift toward Google Plus seems like a lot of work it truly is beneficial to your business. Google has figured out yet another way to stay true to their initial purpose; to find the best, most relevant search results.  By taking into account what people are talking about, liking, and sharing on Google Plus, Google can continue to determine the best answer to any search query. We as businesses must continue to acclimate to the Google climate.