January 18

The Purpose of MN SEO

True, organic SEO is the manipulation of a website using both on-site and off-site methods to help said site rank higher in search engines like Google for specific key terms. Ideally these key terms are both 1) highly relevant to the product/service/company and 2) Have a high search volume to bring in traffic and potential customers. Which will (hopefully) lead to increased revue for the client. But too often we focus solely on just ranking, and not enough on traffic, bounce rate and conversions.

There are many things that go into effective SEO, and areas of general marketing and business practice that should also be incorporated when implementing SEO on a website. You must think about your product/service, your target audience, geographic concerns and many, many other factors. After all, if I am selling Sports Cars in New Jersey, I don’t want to rank for Flowers in Miami. You also have to think about conversion rates and that’s where the tricky part comes in. A good SEO professional/firm is able to mesh both creative and technical sides together.