February 21

Typography in 2011

96% of the Internet is comprised of written information or test.  Typography is one of the most important parts of web design because it is the primary way that designers can communicate with readers.  It is the embodiment of the visual language and the art of arranging and designing the written word.

Rocket55, Minneapolis web design firm, is paying close attention to the emerging 2011 design focus on Typography.  From larger headlines to bold blocks to image captions, how a web designer decides to arrange type on a web site is crucial to the effectiveness of that site.

Rocket55 realizes typography isn’t just about choosing a font and laying it out.  It is the art of organizing type into effective, meaningful layouts so the reader can find what interests him.

Web designers can manipulate fonts to draw attention to a certain block of text to guide the reader through a web site.  Minneapolis web design firm, Rocket55 embraces the idea that designing type has become more ambitious than just legibility.  Type has become information design.