April 17

Twitter Etiquette: How to be Present without Being a Pest

There aren’t many definite rules when it comes to using social media platforms like Twitter, but there are quite a few “social cues” to follow to avoid looking silly and help you acclimate to the social media climate better. Look to these pieces of advice for your Twitter guidelines.

Don’t beg people to follow you. It is rude, impersonal and just kind of sad. More often than not, if you engage people that you follow, they will follow you back.  You must engage people in some way. That may be through a simple response to one of their threads, but that engagement will mean much more than an impersonal request to have them follow you. This engagement also replaces the notion of thanking every one of your followers.  Conversing with the people you follow and the people that follow you demonstrates your appreciation.

Never call attention to someone who unfollows you. It probably isn’t personal. If it’s someone you regularly engage with, there may be some sort of Twitter bug or it may have been accidental. But if you don’t regularly have much contact with this follower, forget about it. On this same note, you don’t have to follow every single person that follows you. Twitter should be unique to each individual and the people you follow should reflect you and your interests.

Your Twitter should not be used solely for advertising purposes. It is more of an open forum for discussion rather than a broadcasting device, so use it as such. A maximum of 1/3 of your feed should be dedicated to messages from you while the rest should be replies and retweets. It is also good decorum to remember that your Twitter is not the place to air all of your life’s grievances. Social media can be a great tool to reach out to companies for both good and bad experiences, but it shouldn’t be your personal review board.

Because Twitter limits you to 140 characters, don’t auto feed from your other social media platforms unless you are sure that they will be short enough. People that view your Twitter shouldn’t have to seek visit another site to understand your whole message. It is also pretty obvious to visitors that this is being done and it makes you look bad that you won’t take the time to tailor your message on different platforms. It doesn’t take that much time if you follow a social media schedule.

Overall, just remember that Twitter should be used to add value to your company. Be friendly and personable in your posts so that your value increases. Find ways to connect with your followers and keep them aware, not annoyed.