October 12

Top 5 Things SEO Rookies Should Know

Search Engine Optimization, more commonly known as SEO, is critical for today’s advertising. The fact that the phrase “Google it” has become popular in everyday conversation for any uncertainty is enough to prove how serious people find search engine results to be. For people to take your organization seriously it is important that you appear on the first page of Google search results. The higher you rank with Google, the more credibility your organization has.  In order to achieve the first page status Minneapolis web design firm, Rocket55, has determined five important things to know about SEO.

The first thing you need to know about SEO is the essence of the practice.  SEO is the process of taking all the rules Google has specified in order for you to show up on their first page of results. You must apply these rules to your website in order to meet Google’s specifications and become the most relevant answer Google can find to the things users are searching.

The next important thing is to find out what users are searching. These are called keywords. How you’re ranked in Google will depend on the keywords you choose. Keywords are important because if you don’t choose the appropriate keywords nobody will ever be able to find your business.

The third important thing to remember about SEO is that it doesn’t happen overnight.  Becoming relevant in the eyes of Google is obviously very important and it’s understandable that this can be urgent for a company’s survival.  However, just like anything it takes a lot of time and effort to become the best.  Think of Google like your high school coach.  In order to make the varsity team you need to prove that you will actually perform well on game night.  Once you pay your dues and prove you’re the best player Google will put you on their varsity team, the first page of results.

The fourth thing to remember about SEO is that it’s not magic and it’s not about tricking Google. SEO is about calculations and specific guidelines. Understanding what Google is looking for will allow your business to flourish in the world of search engines.  Being able to understand what Google wants and abide by their rules is the key to becoming the most relevant company in your industry.

The last crucial thing to know about SEO is the better quality of SEO you have, the better you will show up in the results.  Of course anyone can sit down and make a website, put the content on there, and spread the word, but Google sees past this.  The higher quality your website, content and links are the more seriously Google will take you.  If Google takes your website seriously then the more likely they are to put you in their top results.  This is why it’s important to hire professionals to help with your SEO.  If you want your SEO done right, hire people that dedicate their entire day to it.  You will surely give you the quality components Google is looking for with professionals by your side.

Once you know these five things you’re on your way to becoming an SEO pro.  SEO is a continuous process.  If you’re not careful about taking the time to understand SEO, you will notice your company slipping out of Google’s sight and thus the sight of your potential clients. Remember if Google thinks you’re the right answer, everyone else will too.