July 10

The Weekly Briefing: Redefining SEO, Panda 4.0 Fallout & More

It’s been a really busy, yet exciting past couple weeks here at Rocket55. Between site launches, adding new developers and working with new clients, we’ve had our hands pretty full. Yet that hasn’t stopped us from making sure we’re up to date on the latest digital news and trends. Below we cover the highlights from this week’s Monday morning briefing:

SEO – Don’t Call It Marketing

Digital Marketing Specialist Samantha Lunzer discussed an article from David Waterman of Search Engine Land covering how SEO shouldn’t be held to the same standard as marketing in terms of achieving a return on investment (ROI). Instead of describing SEO as basic marketing, Waterman instead opted to refer to it as a “layer of checks and balances that exists within the mechanics of all online communication to help your brand’s message reach as far as it possibly can.” Interestingly enough, Waterman also challenged the reader to think of SEO in the same light as an inspector of residential buildings – noting that while any person could make changes to a home, if things aren’t added in a way that’s up to code, you don’t exactly know how your home will hold up.

Mass Produced Content On Life Support?

Copywriter Jared Townsend reported on Yahoo!’s plan to close its Yahoo! Voices and Contributor Network – two platforms used by the company to deliver mass-produced user-generated content to the web. And while Yahoo! says the move was made to re-focus its services, at the heart of the issue could be Google’s Panda 4.0 update – something speculated on in a report by Search Engine Land’s Matt McGee. Panda 4.0 is intended to punish sites with low quality web content – something relying on mass-produced user-generated content all too frequently results in.

Social Media Marketing Trends

Marketing Director Caitlin Tvrdik discussed an article from Forbe’s Jayson DeMers on 7 of the latest trends in social media marketing. Among them were the following: Social Media investment becoming a necessity rather than a luxury, the rise of image-centric networks, a decline in Foursquare, the continued rise of LinkedIn in B2B and something rather surprising: a resurgence in MySpace (although nobody expects it to get as big as it once was circa 2006).

Success With Local Search

SEO & SEM Specialist Tyler Halonen discussed an article from Search Engine Land’s Wesley Young on ten tips for businesses looking to appear in local search results. Among the suggestions were the following: Populating top local business listings, ensuring that important business info is both “accurate & accessible,” building a website with a quality user experience, optimizing your website for search, blogging, leveraging visual content, making sure you’re mobile-friendly, engaging on social media channels, encouraging reviews for credibility and lastly, adjusting your approach when searching for success.