June 26

The Weekly Briefing: Google’s Streaming App Power Play

SEM Specialist Reed Langton-Yanowitz discussed Google’s purchase of Agawi…

In 2014, Google pulled off a rather quiet transaction – a stunning feat for the tech giant who always appears in the media spotlight. Google has bought Agawi, according to a report from Tech Crunch. It’s a company that specializes in streaming mobile apps. So what does that mean? You could use apps without actually having to download them. Instead, you’d just stream them. As many have pointed out, more users have been using mobile apps instead of search to find what they’re looking for (i.e. people using the Yelp app to find restaurants instead of Google). So, is this purchase an attempt by Google to draw people away from using those apps and get them back to using key Google services? It’s anyone’s guess, but we’re willing to bet it’s a pretty big power play – perhaps in the same vein as Google Now on Tap. Information on the acquisition is still scarce, but it’s something we’ll continue to keep our eyes on.

Copywriter Hannah Scherrer talked about keyword research for 2015…

Keyword research has evolved significantly in recent years, so much so that MOZ’s Rand Fishkin devoted an excellent Whiteboard Friday presentation to discussing how it’s changed and the new approach SEOs should take regarding it. According to Fishkin, Google’s Adwords Keyword Planner tool sometimes hides data. For example, if you type in “college tuition,” terms like “how to reduce college tuition” may not show up in the suggestions – simply because Google might not consider terms related to this topic viable for AdWords bidding. So how do we dig deeper? Fishkin suggests we look at the following:

  • Google Suggest/Autocomplete
  • Related searches (bottom of search results)
  • Customer/staff interviews
  • Forums

Meanwhile, the presentation gets really in-depth. Without further ado, we recommend watching it.

Web Developer Zac Forsman talked how Google is changing things up yet again…

The tide appears to be turning yet again in G-land. According to a report from Site Pro News, Google is planning to add a “buy” button in search results alongside ads. It’s not a feature that’ll cover organic results, but it’s safe to ponder – is it something that will expand to organic somewhere down the line? As you may remember, Google several months ago added search boxes within sitelinks – a feature that allows users to search URLs directly from search results.

Copywriter Jared Townsend discussed indirect competitor analysis…

As marketers, we know that looking at our direct competitors’ efforts can give us insight into opportunities we might be missing out on – but what about looking at “indirect competitors”? It’s probably something too many marketers don’t consider enough. According to an article by Purna Virji appearing on Search Engine Watch, we can look at competitors who offer similar solutions, use similar keywords, operate under similar business models, and provide alternative solutions. While the companies might operate differently, it’s likely that they cater to the same audiences.