December 12

Mobile Ideas for a Successful Holiday Season Sales Strategy

So you’ve made it past Black Friday alive and well, you’re counting your sales and patting yourself on the back for a job well done. Congratulations, you’re victorious. But just like any retailer with an online presence, you know it doesn’t end there. The busiest season for sales extends well beyond the day after Thanksgiving. It doesn’t actually conclude until just a few hours before the clock strikes 12AM on Christmas Day.

If you included mobile site optimization in your sales strategy, you’re already a step ahead of the game. For its part, Google has admitted in the past that it’s seen a doubling (or even more!) in mobile shopping on a year-to-year basis. If your online retail site isn’t optimized for mobile success, it could lead your customers to an unfortunate place this holiday season: a website belonging to your competitor (NO!!!). Below we cover a few great options you can utilize to increase your mobile viability this holiday season:

Perform a Mobile Friendly Test

Google is actually looking for ways to reward sites based on how well they’re optimized for mobile use (as we talked about in a previous blog post last month). Does your site meet Google’s standard? The tech giant recently launched a pretty neat tool where you can actually test whether or not your site’s properly optimized for mobile. Remember to create images that also translate well on the mobile screen. Additionally you’ll want to make sure your site is looking good on all mobile platforms – whether it’s Android, iPhone or yes, even Windows mobile.

Study Your Traffic

Studying your audience can help you better optimize your content for them in the future. Make sure you have your website analytics set up where it’s actually differentiating your mobile traffic separate from the traffic that’s arriving via desktop. See what pages on your website are actually attracting the most views then focus on providing a better experience for those pages in specific.

Consider Google Shopping at 360 Degrees

Okay, so it might be too late to include this in your sales strategy for 2014, but consider this for next year: Imagine an online customer being able to rotate your product 360 degrees by simply dragging their fingertip across their mobile device screen. Google recently launched the feature through its shopping platform. Learn more from Google by checking out their blog.

Test Your Checkout

That shopping cart of yours may function great on the traditional desktop computer but guess what, people are transitioning to mobile. Make sure that your online selling platform is just as easy to use across all kinds of mobile devices and if you have to, make a test transaction through mobile on your own. Afterwards, analyze and see how you can improve the experience for your customers in your future.