July 29

Is Facebook The New Google?

As discussed in previous posts, Google Plus Accounts and Pages are considered Google’s answer to Facebook. It’s obvious that the world of social media has taken over, but if you thought Facebook would take Google’s monopoly on the Internet lying down, think again.

Facebook has recently rolled out what they call Graph Search. Graph Search is a Search Engine within the realm of Facebook. Currently the search aims to make people, places, photos and interests more easily discovered on Facebook. However, the Graph Search is still in its very early stages.

The long-term goal of Graph Search is to be a Search Engine all on its own—an answer to Google.  Within the past year studies have shown people have already been using Facebook as the number two method of search, second only to Google. This was a surprising result considering Facebook had not been designed to as a search engine. When Mark Zuckerberg caught wind of this he threatened to develop Facebook to become a true search engine.

Shortly after this claim by Zuckerberg Google updated their algorithm giving high importance to websites with Google Plus Pages. It didn’t take Zuckerberg long to strike back. As of the beginning of July Facebook’s Graph Search has officially launched.

Currently, Graph Search is only using Facebook data. The results of Graph Search are satisfying because a query such as “Restaurants in my area” will appear with not only the nearest locations, but with the nearest locations that are liked and recommended by that user’s Facebook friends. Both customized and public knowledge are available on Graph Search, but with the current Facebook privacy settings there isn’t much else allowed.

Facebook is already in talks with several third party companies to produce Search Engine results outside of information provided on Facebook. Could Facebook become the number one search engine? It’s tough to say whether Facebook will truly be number one, but it’s certain that integrating high quality search within Facebook will guarantee more time spent on Facebook.

It’s important now more than ever for companies to be on Facebook. Exciting content on your Facebook is no longer pertinent to whether or not you should create a page for your business. To not exist on Facebook could mean not existing on the next big search engine. There’s still plenty of time before this becomes detrimental, so make sure you stay ahead of the curve and at least become familiar with Facebook.