August 17

How to Tweet Effectively and Efficiently

The growing world of online social networking has left some traditional marketers coughing in the dust. However, the advantages of jumping on the bandwagon greatly outnumber the downsides, and Twitter is one of the most practical and commonly used applications out there.

It’s free, simple, and available to everyone. Because of that, Twitter has between 100 and 200 million users. That generates a lot of Internet noise!

If you’re like most modern companies, you have a Twitter account, you use it (sometimes), and you want your business to stand out on this website. It’s about communicating with clients or customers in a conversational and interactive way, and doing so often.

One of the most productive ways in which to use Twitter is to prepare a series of Tweets to release to your followers over a span of time. A Twitter tool like Buffer will spread your tweets out over a given day, to prevent a tweet flood.

And for every Tweet that gets “Buffered,” you are given a statistics report about clicks and retweets, making it easier to know more about what aspects of your Twitter activity followers are enjoying—and which of those they are less excited about. Of course, it’s important to manually check in with your Twitter account from time to time, to respond to those followers who have replied to your posts. While applications like Buffer are helpful on a daily basis, we cannot forget that social media is, fundamentally, a two-way street.