March 14

Google Updates: Why You Shouldn’t Panic

Whenever Google announces an upcoming algorithm update, the SEO world starts buzzing. Everyone begins wondering which ranking factor is the next to be devalued or penalized. Consequently, everybody starts wondering about their own site’s rankings as well as the rankings of their clients’ sites. I will admit, I get a little nervous when I hear about an upcoming update. However, if you are doing SEO correctly there is little need to worry.

Realistically, the writing has been on the wall for years now in regards to what Google favors and what it penalizes. Over and over again, they have stated that manipulative SEO practices will all be eventually penalized. Take links for example. Leading up to the monumental Penguin update of April 2012, Google hinted time and time again that manipulative linking practices may be working in the short term, but this success would not be sustainable. In fact, to be more obvious about their intentions, Matt Cutts would have had to personally visit SEO agencies and hit the SEO team in the face with a hard copy of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Because Google has made their intentions so clear, I can get some sleep at night. It is reasonable to assume that Google will next penalize an SEO technique that most SEO’s could honestly tell you is penalty-worthy. The Penguin update scheduled for tomorrow and through this weekend will continue to penalize factors that are already being penalized. Additionally, if it brings in anything new it is very unlikely that it will take us all by surprise. Admittedly, it is a bit nerve-racking. However, Google has made its intentions clear and those who abide by their guidelines need not worry.