July 22

The Weekly Briefing: Marketing Brick and Mortar Locations? The Landscape Continues to Change

Account Manager Michelle Conway discussed the rollout of customer visit duration for local businesses…
Google debuted peak business hours within their knowledge graph results in fall of 2015, and now it seems they’ve taken things a step further. According to an article posted on Search Engine Land, Google Maps is now displaying an estimated visit duration, whether it’s a single value (45 minutes), or a range of time (between 15 and 30 minutes). While this feature can be extremely useful for the planners of the world, it begs the question: (more…)

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July 13

Earning Conversions Begins With Trust

Trustworthy. Reliable. Credible. These are all words people want associated with their business. However, these are not qualities that can be acquired over night; they require years of hard work and dedication. Don’t let that dissuade you – the steps to establishing and promoting trust are quite simple. (more…)

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July 1

The Weekly Briefing: Changing the Way We View Search Results

SEO Copywriter Jared Townsend discussed a notable change in the way people are viewing search results…
For a long time now, the F-shaped pattern has been understood as the way most web surfers view search engine results. They scan the page horizontally twice, then look down vertically – a find that was first documented through an eye-tracking study from Jakob Nielsen back in 2006. Over the last 10 years, however, it appears that trend has shifted…drastically. According to a recent eye-tracking study from ConversionXL, (more…)

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June 17

The Weekly Briefing: From Maps to Apps, Everyone Gets Ads

Copywriter Andrew Vanderiet shared Google’s newest modification to paid search and SERPs on mobile devices and desktop searches…
Earlier this month, Google announced their “next generation of search” with its new Google maps ads. This will be a game-changer for many location-based businesses. On desktop, local business ads will appear both beneath the search box and on the actual map (indicated by a purple icon). On mobile, promoted businesses will also appear on the results list and map, but ads can also (more…)

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June 2

How to Tune Up Your Lead Capture Forms

Okay, real quick question – Do you have lead forms on your site? If you don’t – keep reading and then get some forms up STAT! If you don’t, you’re missing out on an easy way to generate business and engage your audience.


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May 25

32 Under 32 Award Winner: Caitlin Tvrdik

Congratulations to our own Chief Marketing Officer Caitlin Tvrdik for being named one of Ad Fed MN’s “32 Under 32” Award winners! We are so glad to have Caitlin’s guidance and insight behind our work, and we are so excited for what the future brings. (more…)

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May 20

The Weekly Briefing: Give the People What They Want

Account Manager Olivia Allen talked about an important “character-building” event…
In what seems to be a common theme this quarter, Google has rolled out yet another change to their SERP layout. In addition to colors changing and sidebars vanishing, title tag length has jumped from displaying 50-60 characters to now showing 70 (or 71, if you are lucky), and mobile SERPs deliver 78 characters per title tag. While it may not sound like much, we can’t help but cheer about it here (holy optimization, Batman!). (more…)

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May 6

The Weekly Briefing: Stop. Look. Listen.

SEO Copywriter Hannah Scherrer laid some tired SEO strategies to rest…
As many of us know, SEO is in a constant state of flux – what may have been a “best practice” a year ago can quickly (and usually does) become obsolete. Moz’s own Rand Fishkin recently called out those tired practices, but one in particular strongly resonated with the team:  (more…)

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April 22

The Weekly Briefing: Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference

Account Manager Reed Langton-Yanowitz and SEM Specialist Tory Vang brought a subtle – but powerful – change to SERPs…
Just last month Google surprised the SEM community with a new AdWords (removal of the right rail ads, just to refresh your brain) format on desktop. This week, SEMs and searchers alike are noticing another change – the “Ad” icon next to ads has changed from yellow to green, making the ads look even more like their organic results counterparts. (more…)

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April 18

Site Launch: Renpure

Renpure came to us looking for a website revamp – to change the outdated design into one that was more fun, energetic, and a better representative of the Renpure brand. This family-owned company uses only the best ingredients from around the world to create hair care products that work for all types of hair. Check it out! (more…)

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