August 8

Basics of Facebook Page Design

Every step of Facebook’s evolution has brought challenges for companies, who use the Internet – and specifically social media – to get exposure and draw new clients or customers.

When comparing Facebook to its former competitor, MySpace, it can be said that Facebook’s design is plain, and offers little opportunity for customization of profiles or pages. But one of the latest updates from Mark Zuckerberg’s company has made it possible for you, as a business, to use your Facebook fan pages in a unique way—updating and emphasizing your brand.

Facebook pages can be customized using a number of techniques:

First, your profile picture can be adjusted. As the image representing your business throughout the Facebook world, your profile picture is one of the most important elements of your business/company’s presence on Facebook. Giving this image a white or transparent background color – so that it fades into the standard white Facebook surroundings – makes the icon pop and stand out from other business logos.

Additionally, an iframe mini website can be added to your Facebook page, to act as a site-within-a-site—linking Facebook fans to your company’s direct website. You can create this application yourself, or use a free Facebook application, such as “iFrames for Pages.”

Finally, the page can be customized through the use of the new picture banner feature at the top of each Facebook page. It can be adjusted to reveal a specific set of five photos (although in a random order), chosen by your company to best represent the photographs in which you are tagged. As a business, be sure to use all of these updates to your advantage, in order to keep up with today’s digital marketplace.