October 16

App Addiction

Whether we like it or not, our phones are more like a fifth limb than ever before. Most of us go to sleep by our phone, wake up next to our phone, and are constantly available via our cell phones during the day. At a recent social media seminar it was observed: “we will ask someone at the office to buy us lunch so we don’t need to go home after forgetting our wallet but we will immediately turn around to get our phone”. Because of the attachments we have to our phones, we often are attached with our favorite phone apps too. Below, the girls of Rocket55 have compiled a list of their favorite apps.

  • AroundMe: This free app allows its users to quickly find out information about their surroundings. AroundMe identifies your current location and finds the nearest bank, bar, gas station, movie theatre, cafe, supermarket, taxi, and or other search term.
  • Camera+: Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or an amateur, Camera+ will make you love taking pictures. This app is the best selling picture-editing app in the world because it makes it easy to turn an ordinary picture into a masterpiece.
  • Moviefone: Moviefone provides its users with movie showtimes, trailers, reviews, exclusive movie clips, and news. This app makes it easy to find movies playing right now near you in just one tap. Nearby restaurants and bars can also be found on Moviefone.
  • Pandora: Pandora allows you to create 100 personalized music stations. Tap into an entire would of music, including almost a century of popular recordings- new and old, well known and obscure.
  • Shazam: With just the tap of a button, Shazam recognizes the music playing around you. Tap the Shazam button while a song is playing on the radio, during a commercial, or even in a store and the song is recognized instantly. Want to download the song? Shazam can transfer the user to purchase it on iTunes too.