March 7

All That Twitters Is Not Gold

Obviously, it’s important to have an online presence, but literally just being present on social median isn’t going to help. This is especially true for Twitter. Twitter has become essential for social media presence within the past year, but in order to have a successful social media presence your Twitter needs to be properly executed.

Can You Handle it?

Be sure your user ID (known as your handle) is user friendly. In order for people to follow you they need to be able to find you. More importantly, once you have followers they need to be able to remember your handle in order to interact with you. If your handle is too difficult to remember you will not build a successful Twitter presence.

Know Your Limit

It’s always important to know your limits, and on Twitter that limit is 140 characters. If you want to go into depth about a topic, get a blog. Twitter is a snapshot of information. You will surely lose followers if you constantly have unfinished Tweets that link to more information elsewhere. Keeping your 140 character limit in mind is crucial to being relevant in the Twitter community.

Don’t Loiter!

When you connect to other handles on Twitter it’s called following. You follow handles and they follow you. However, similar to real life, when you follow someone and don’t say anything it comes off poorly. People aren’t going to enjoy your Twitter account if it isn’t active. It’s not enough to just lurk on Twitter. You need to be providing relevant information to your followers in order to build a legitimate presence, otherwise you just as well not even be on Twitter.

Twitter is a great way to reach out in your industry to both businesses and consumers. You have to remember to abide by the proper guidelines because just having a Twitter isn’t enough to be socially relevant and can be more hurtful than helpful.