April 25

Your Business Card: What it Should Read and Say

It’s amazing how this little card can have such an impact on your business and what it conveys to your clients. The truth is, if you think your business card is just a card that you hand to people so they have your name and number you couldn’t be more wrong. It is a marketing tool that prospective and existing clients use to identify your business. Not only that, but it is an opportunity to showcase your company name, contact information, logo, and website. Every time you hand someone a business card, think of it as a mini pitch. Just like people judge a company by its website, people will make a quick first impression of your company with one glance at your business card.

If you were a prospective client what would you like to see on the business card of a company you are interested in working with? The answers are simple; name, logo, email address, phone number, the position and website. If your business requires your clients/customers to visit your location such as a retail store, the physical address is also necessary. Now that you’ve got the required content, you need to make it stand out ahead of your competitors. Below is a list of features to include on your business card to ensure it is professional, attractive and most of all memorable.

Logo and slogan

Ask a professional to design your business logo because there is more strategy involved in designing a company logo than you may think. Make sure it fits your industry, is doesn’t get confused with another more established logo, and that it can be transferred across many platforms of marketing/branding materials.

Make it legible

Your card is no good if no one can read it, so make sure you use a font that is clearly legible. Use distinguishable colors for both the font and card.  A bold font is necessary for the company name and shouldn’t clash with other fonts on the card.

Attractive Quality

A quality card means vibrant colors and a durable material that not only stays out of the garbage, but becomes a talking piece for your clients. A personalized design ensures that you won’t have a cookie-cutter template for a card. If you really want to impress your prospective clients, don’t use a paper card at all. These days there is a huge variety of material you can use to showcase your business on a card. Just take a look at our new metal business cards!