The Challenge

When ERIK’s approached Rocket55 they had two primary objectives: boost online sales and drive more foot traffic to their physical stores.

They were tracking website visits to their store locator page but were not able to attribute any digital marketing efforts to actual in-store visits. In addition, they were looking for ways to expand their digital marketing efforts to get in front of even more potential customers without dramatically increasing their budget.

The Solution

Rocket55 used their status as a Google Premier Partner to get early access to GPS tracking (at the time unavailable to the general public).

This allowed Rocket55 to see when a user physically visited a brick-and-mortar store after clicking an ad. Our team then expanded the ad targeting plan so that users searching for a specific make and model of a bike, along with users searching more broadly for a nearby bike store would be eligible to see ERIK’s ads. Remarketing campaigns were then developed to show custom-tailored ads to users based on their previous activity on ERIK’s website. Rocket55 structured these campaigns so ad budget can be controlled by location and performance and reallocated based on ERIK’s changing priorities. These efforts had an immediate impact, turning casual browsers into committed in-store buyers.

The Results

Where we found opportunity

Almost immediately, ERIK’s saw a major uplift in digital performance.

In a single year, Rocket55’s campaigns drove over 30,000 store visits along with a 184% increase in e-commerce revenue. Since then, ERIK’s has gone on to expand their partnership with Rocket55 to drive the growth of their business in several states through promoting new product offerings, supporting new store openings, and through providing data-driven insights that help fuel their future business decisions.

The Outcome

  • Store Visits in 2018


  • Increase in EComm Revenue


  • Increased Conversion Rate


“We continue to work with Rocket55 because they continue to bring us innovative ideas, they are doing a great job with managing our digital advertising, and we feel like we are getting very good results for our dollars spent. We appreciate their strategic guidance in digital marketing.”

Steve Parsons, Marketing Manager


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