January 17

2011 Web Design Trends, Pt. 2: Internet Design

As more media moves to the virtual realm, more people are investing using new products – iPad, Kindle, smartphones – to get their information.  Web design is quickly replacing printed design in business.  The ability to translate printed information to the Internet is critical, as is knowing how to utilize social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.  These sites are even beginning to replace business cards.

Web design is also becoming a specialized field.  Not only does it include designing and building websites any more, now you are also expected to know how to make websites friendly for mobile devices, create content management systems, and be well informed in search engine optimization.  The increased amount of tasks has created a lot more work in web design and instead of having one person in charge, you are more likely to encounter web design teams.  Being specialized in one or more of these areas is critical, so better brush up on your HTML5, CSS, and RIA interfaces.