June 2

How to Tune Up Your Lead Capture Forms

Okay, real quick question – Do you have lead forms on your site? If you don’t – keep reading and then get some forms up STAT! If you don’t, you’re missing out on an easy way to generate business and engage your audience.

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So, you think you have a great lead capture form?

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Have you ever tested your form?
  • Have your conversions from that form only improved over time?
  • Are you happy with the amount of leads your form is generating?

If you answered “No” to any – or all – of these questions, your lead capture form is in need of a tune up.

Where to Start…

Does Your Form Work?

This may seem like an unnecessary suggestion, but in our experience – it’s not. Before you start tweaking your form, fill it out for yourself. Make sure that:

  • All the fields work (on multiple devices)
  • Dropdowns populate accurately (if you have dropdowns in your form)
  • Your field descriptions make sense (don’t assume “Number” will mean “Phone Number” to everyone. Many things have numbers – like credit cards, quantities, houses, fax machines, etc.)
  • Users are informed when the form has successfully been submitted


If Form Functionality Isn’t the Problem…

See If Your Form’s Context Makes Sense

Your form’s context includes its placement on the page and placement on the site. If people aren’t submitting the form, they probably are facing at least one of these problems:

    • They can’t find your form.
    • They aren’t convinced of your proposition.
    • They don’t know what filling out the form will achieve.

If your site visitor experiences any of these issues, he or she won’t give you the information you want. Test your form’s placement on the page (or within the website). If placement doesn’t seem to be the issue, then check the message of your form and its supporting content. Filling out and submitting the form needs to feel like – and actually be – the next logical step in the buyer’s journey.


A Few Tune-Up Tips

Give Your Form Room to Breath

Make sure your form isn’t getting lost on the page – make it stand out without standing alone. Give your form prime real estate and make it easy to find.


Don’t Test Multiple Elements at Once

A/B testing is a must when looking to improve your lead generation form’s performance – but remember to keep it to just “A” and “B.” Don’t change the color and text of the button; you need to pick changing the color OR the text. This will confirm what’s making the difference. After you find your “winner,” keep testing.


Specify Your CTA

Formstack conducts a yearly survey regarding form performance. This survey revealed that more specific button texts performed better. Instead of “Submit,” try “Submit Request.” Instead of “Register,” try “Register Now.”
Keep these tips in mind to ensure your “instruments” stay in-tune and that your profits continue to grow.


Need More Than a Tune Up?

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