November 23

Top 5 Takeaways from MIMA’s Email Event

The Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA) recently hosted the Tactics in Twenty: Email event. Speakers Sara Chapman of Life Time Fitness and Katie Seegers of Select Comfort spoke about leveraging the power of email. Their insights revealed key opportunities for marketers to strengthen relationships with customers.

  1. Email is your digital identity card. Think about the online forms you fill out every day. Besides your name, what do you almost always need to include? Your email address. It is your connection with the digital world. Marketers need to understand that having someone’s email address is like having the phone number of a friend. Use it to reach out and build trust.
  2. Abandoned cart campaigns. For online retailers, an abandoned cart is an easy way to know that a customer has already made a purchase decision. Build an email campaign that specifically targets these people to win back their business. Always remind them why you are emailing and create a sense of urgency. You might be surprised with the results.
  3. Win back campaign. If a customer hasn’t interacted with your brand in six or more months, it may be time to implement a win back campaign. Marketers sometimes consider these customers a lost cause. Don’t make the mistake of giving up. Create a one-time email campaign to regain a (small) portion of these people. Be careful with the tone of your content. It’s important to be engaging but also respectful.
  4. Communication preference centers. People like being able to choose, and you should like giving them choices. Create a page where customers can check boxes to indicate the kinds of promotional materials they’d like to receive.  Whether you have email, texts, coupon books or something else, it’s no use giving customers something they don’t want. Include this form (or a link to it) with every email so customers never have to choose between all-or-nothing interactions with your brand.
  5. Data driven consumer journeys. Segment your contact lists! Brands that aren’t creating targeted messaging risk being ignored. Start simple– use a single data point such gender to create targeted lists. From there you can begin to further segment your lists based on other data points like age and purchasing behavior. Always map out the journey of interaction a type of customer will have with your brand. It’s important to have a next step for every email.

Email marketing campaigns are an underrated way to reach customers–if done correctly. Always see things from the perspective of the people you are contacting. If you wouldn’t read one of your emails, why should they? Providing value is the only way to win people over. Give your customers a reason to care.