June 3

Top 5 Reasons Your Website Needs a Video

Making your business better is always going to be a top priority. Today, the number one way to improve your business is to be as visible and as interactive as possible on the web. Adding a video to your website not only shows you’re ahead of the curve but that you’re the real deal. Here are five great reasons to add a video to your site today!

It’s more affordable than you think. You don’t need a high-end, professional videographer or the most expensive equipment to produce a masterpiece for your site. All you need is a digital video camera, imagery and content that are both informative and interesting to your audience. With the free video editing programs that are available on the web, you can create a video that is ideal for your homepage.

Why read when you can watch? Having a video is a good way for your audience to obtain information other than just reading text on your site. It is a quick and simplified way to offer the most convenience. Video you can also allows you to reach a visually-oriented client base, unlike text.

Rich content can equal higher ranking. When your site has high quality content such as a video, Google sees you as an authoritative site that knows what they’re talking about. Search engines are able to index this content and could potentially rank your site higher than it would with lower quality content.

You can use it for promotional purposes. Having a video is like having a demo of your product or service, which is one of the highest selling techniques in virtually any industry. People want to see what you have to offer with more than just a picture.

Make it personal. In order to make your audience enjoy the video, you need to add a personal touch. Whether it is your owner talking about the company or a showcase of your products, make sure you tell them why you are the best choice.