December 3

The Weekly Briefing: The Ultimate Personal Assistant

Account Manager Chip Fox gave an overview of Google’s predictions for the future of search …

Behshad Behzadi, Google’s director of search innovation at its Zurich lab, spoke about “The Future of Search” at this year’s Futurapolis conference in Toulouse. Undeniably, search has changed significantly over the past few years – mostly at the hands of Google – so it only makes sense to take note when a Google director of search starts talking about Google’s predictions for the future of search. Behzadi summarized that, “the future of search is to try to build the ultimate personal assistant,” and he cited these four search aspects to watch carefully.

  1. Voice
  2. Context
  3. Location-awareness
  4. Personal information

While voice and context have been hot topics in the search world this year, location and personal information are beginning to take up headline real estate. Now that Google has removed its location filter from search results, your physical location has become more important to the results of your query. As for personal information, Google continues to gather more and more information about its users. This is great if you want a more customized search experience – and a complete nightmare for people that have already started to make a collection of tin foil hats.

SEO Copywriter Hannah Scherrer talked about “one of the greatest advancements in web technology in the past 20 years …”

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Neither does most of the SEO community. Google’s John Mueller revealed that GoogleBot will support HTTP/2 by the end of 2015 or early 2016. Without getting too technical, HTTP/2’s biggest claim is increasing site speed and load time, ultimately resulting in better user experience. For HTTP/2, believing is seeing. Check out this technology demo to see why you should start looking into making the switch.

Account Manager Michelle Conway shared some tips on how to have a positive, symbiotic relationship between SEOs and their clients …

These tips have also been affectionately called, “5 Really Good Reasons to Fire an SEO Client”by the article’s author, Marvin Russell. It may sound harsh, but in order for an SEO strategy to deliver the best results, a few things need to happen – and a few things need to stop.

  1. Low budget, high expectations
  2. Late payments
  3. Company you are working with needs to provide resources and help
  4. Obsessed with traffic
  5. Too many chefs in the kitchen

Want to avoid losing a client? Make sure expectations are clear to both parties before the SEO journey begins. Let your clients know what you need from them, and find out what they want from you. Decide on important metrics to measure, too. If they want high traffic volume, suggest paying attention to time spent on site and the bounce rate. Metrics need each other to matter.