March 4

The Weekly Briefing: Save the Date – April 21, 2015

Our first March meeting had a lot of great news updates, follow-ups, and overall stellar information. Here are some of the highlights.

Senior Account Manager Michelle Lyons and Copywriter Hannah Scherrer updated the team about Google’s new mobile search initiative. April 21, 2015, will mark a massive Google algorithm update: mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. While we have already noticed “Mobile-Friendly” labels next to some websites in search results, this update expansion will create a distinction between websites that have embraced the growth in mobile search and those that have not. A recent study from the Local Search Association showed mobile devices will overtake PCs use for Internet search in just two years.

2014 mobile search

This begs the question: is YOUR website ready?

SEM Specialist Reed Langton-Yanowitz brought up another lesser-known fact about the upcoming Google algorithm: not only can mobile apps be indexed, but apps that are indexed by Google will also begin to show up in search results. This push for application downloads and usage sets the stage for highly individualized search and could potentially pose a problem for search engine ads and other Internet marketing tactics, but for now, this new feature encourages Internet marketers to optimize content within the app and their websites, not the app itself.

Moving away from the Google-sphere, Marketing Director Caitlin Tvrdik shared Twitter’s announcement of its first official plugin for WordPress. While the ability to embed a Twitter feed is by no means “news,” the new plugin features have given WordPress aficionados and avid Tweeters something to celebrate. This official plug-in offers more than the hundreds of other third-party plugins available. The official plug in gives you these capabilities:

  • Display customization to match your blog or website’s template.
  • Features a one-click share button so visitors can easily share your tweets
  • Allows you to easily embed tweets and videos
  • Generates Twitter Cards for you to use and share across Twitter
  • The ANALYTICS available are unmatched. You can track Twitter ad conversions, as well as track your tweets’ impressions, shares, and reach

If your WordPress blog or website has PHP 5.4 or higher, this is definitely a plugin you will want to investigate.