May 8

The Weekly Briefing: Nothing About Mobilegeddon

Mobilegeddon has come and gone, the world continues to turn, and sales for aluminum foil sales are at an all-time high. This week we ventured forward into different frontiers including the changing face of B2B marketing, competitive link research, and the buzz about BuzzFeed’s new understanding how content moves across the Internet.

SEO Copywriter Hannah Scherrer shared a recent article from Google that demonstrated how B2B marketing has quietly – but dramatically – shifted over the past few years. Not only is the new business market comprised of Millenials, but also they are not in the highest office levels. Decision-making is no longer reserved for the top echelon of employees and a lot of research goes into initial contact is made. Now is the time to examine your message, how you are sending your message out, and who is at the other end of the line.

SEO Copywriter Jared Townsend talked about the importance of using the information available to you in order to create a more effective SEO strategy. Not only do you want to research how your competition is getting their name out there, but also you want to discover the places they haven’t. Look for opportunities to showcase your business as industry leaders.

Content Marketing Strategist Angela Sanders shared BuzzFeed’s updated explanation of how content travels across the Internet: Pound, or the Process for Optimizing and Understanding Network Diffusion. Instead of viewing content sharing through numbers or webs, BuzzFeed has created a 3D representation of entire content journeys to the furthest reaches of the Internet. This graphic ends up being a sphere that can be dissected into millions of cones. Basically, this. Pound matters because it might help us understand what’s being shared and how content is being shared between groups of people.