January 29

The Weekly Briefing: Finding New Ways to Connect

Here are some of the highlights from our meeting this week:

Link Building Strategies for 2015

SEO Copywriter Jared Townsend shared some quality link building strategies for 2015 after reading an article on Ahrefs. Link building is a tricky business, especially when you consider all the new and consistently updated algorithms from Google. A penalty from Google can do serious damage to a website and should be avidly avoided. Link building is still a critical component of SEO strategy and the right links can help your site increase its authority. Checking for broken links is always a good approach to growing your site’s authority. New strategies to try in 2015 include offering a testimonial for companies you have worked with in the past, creating interactive quizzes, or creating an extensive resource about a current hot topic.

The Google Knowledge Graph

Copywriter Hannah Scherrer discussed a new investigation by tech writer Steven Levy. After some intense information curation, Levy has asserted that 25% of all Google searches are answered in Google’s knowledge graph. This statistic is surprising, considering the search semantic-based. If information is available in the knowledge graph, searchers don’t need to click through to the site, which results in less traffic for the publishers. Graph data also is not always cited, and publishers end up missing out on monetizing their information.

Facebook’s New CTA Button

Content marketing strategist Angela Sanders highlighted the new “Call to Action” button (CTA) Facebook made available for Facebook Pages. Creating the button comes at no cost and can direct fans and page visitors to “Book Now,” “Contact Us,” “Use App,” “Play Game,” “Shop Now,” “Sign Up,” or “Watch Video.” The simple addition of a CTA button can help businesses acquire new customers and increase traffic to a desired site, purchase, or other action. Businesses can easily use this interaction to drive new business objectives and grow connections with the Facebook audience. Like other features on a business’s page, CTA button clicks can also be tracked.