November 6

The Weekly Briefing: Are Anchor Text Links with Keywords Obsolete?

Anchor Text + Keyword Links: They Still Work (If Done Correctly!)

SEO/SEM Specialist Angela Sanders discussed Rand Fishkin of MOZ’s Whiteboard Friday presentation covering Anchor Text-Rich Links. In the SEO world, such links have gotten a bad rap lately for being considered spammy as Google continues to change the game by pushing its latest Panda updates. However, in his presentation, Fishkin emphasizes that these links can still be very effective if achieved correctly.

So how do you go about getting such links without manipulation? Fishkin essentially recommends that companies focus on branding. For example, let’s say your company is simply named “Rachel’s” but you offer same day flower delivery services. Easy enough: A pretty good keyword that deals with this service is “same day flowers,” a term that averages 3,600 searches a month through Google’s search engine. Now let’s implement a branding change. From now on when we discuss “Rachel’s” over the internet, we’re going to call it “Rachel’s Same Day Flowers.” We’ll hyperlink the entire phrase – covering the company name, all while legitimately hyperlinking a valuable key term in the process. It’s all about branding!

Cool Coding for Calendars

Web developer Kyle Grauberger discussed a post from Chris Coyier of In the article, Coyier highlights some pretty neat HTML5-based coding that allows you to add some customized inputs for calendars – all viewable through browsers including Chrome and Opera. Instead of simply being able to select a date via a typical online calendar, CSS-Tricks details an input that adds a dropdown – highlighting significant personalized dates such as birthdays and holidays, allowing you to building your calendar accordingly. Meanwhile, Coyier highlights some other inputs worth checking out.

Groupon Launches Business Pages

SEO Copywriter Jared Townsend discussed an announcement from a big deals website. Groupon has launched a new platform for businesses – allowing companies to create profile pages that include features such as customized business contact info, in addition to publishing specials. According to a report from Search Engine Land, Groupon isn’t just looking to help SMBs increase visibility, but it’s a move that could also increase their own. 7 million business pages have already been created through the platform. This is something that could potentially help companies’ SEO efforts.