June 22

The True Value of a Wild Imagination

In the last month or so, you’ve probably heard about all the buzz surrounding the 9 year old boy named Caine and the garage arcade he single-handedly created. An inspiring video ( Caine’s Arcade) was made about how this young man envisioned and created a series of arcade games for people of all ages, all with materials he found and his fabulous imagination. Caine built his own versions of skee ball, pinball, the claw game and much more, complete with tokens, tickets and prizes for those playing at his arcade.

With the help of Nirvan Mullick, the director of the short film, “Caine’s Arcade,” the boy was able to sky rocket his arcade to fame and show the world what a little cardboard and a whole lot of imagination can do. Mullick also started a fund to help send Caine to college to further his talents. This fund is being matched to build the Imagination Foundation, which will help more young people like Caine develop their creativity. More than $200K has been donated to Caine’s college fund.

This amazing and talented little boy reminded us all what it’s like to dream big as a kid. He also reminded many people that young people’s minds have amazing ideas to share. Far too often, adults try to stifle the “silly” ideas of children, forgetting that some of the things we use every day came from some “wacky” person’s creative mind. With a little encouragement, kids can come up with almost anything, even an arcade made out of cardboard!

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