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    From multi-channel strategies to websites, our award-winning team does it all.

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    Your unique goals take center stage, and our strategies are crafted to achieve results that matter.

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    Only 2% of marketing agencies are Premier Partners. This means exclusive data & perks for you.

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Google Hangout

Selecting The Right Agency


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Your audience has unique needs that only your brand can deliver. Get a better picture of where your content is exceeding their expectations and where it is falling flat with our free content marketing opportunity audit. Talk to our content experts and learn how you can become the go-to expert for existing and potential customers.

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At Rocket55, we work hard to stay at the forefront of all facets of digital marketing. Our comprehensive content marketing and strategy services in Minneapolis and around the country have helped our clients gain market share and stand out from the crowd.



We believe that the best partnerships are collaborative in nature. With Rocket55 leading the charge, you can count on constant communication between our team and yours, fresh ideas, and forward thinking strategies. We’re in it to win it, together.