August 26


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of sculpting your web page content and code to be as highly presentable and technically available on your niche keyword as possible. SEO specialists call upon a variety of tasks to modify linking structure, meta tags, and page content in order to help your website to help itself.

Think of SEO as a practice of altering your website in such a way that your most lucrative keywords stand out from the other content in your pages.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) calls upon a considerably wider-scope to drive traffic to your optimized website. While SEO helps your website to reach out to the search engines on its own merit, SEM calls on a variety of marketing methods to persuade the search engines to favor your domain. SEM methods include keyword research, competitor analysis, link building, content development, Pay Per Click advertising, affiliation, and more.

This blog is written by Steven Ayres from Rocket55 Marketing + Design. We are a full service MN web design firm. We also specialize in MN SEO + MN SEM