Most Search Engine Optimization efforts are targeted at the wrong spectrum of potential customer. For instance, most of our SEO work targets Minnesota businesses, but that doesn’t always mean that their keyword implementation should be limited to Minnesota consumers. Rocket55 first identifies the geographical area that the company wants to target. Then we start our keyword list based on that area. An effective SEO campaign will not waste time and valuable marketing dollars bringing in traffic that is unnecessary. For instance, a local salon, is concerned with individuals within a ten mile radius and that is it. Conversely, some businesses may have products or services that they have traditionally sold to local markets that can now be offered nationally wide via the web. Just be aware that as the geographical range increases so does the price of SEO. This is due to the fact that as the area grows, so does the competition. The more the competition, the more effort it takes to get a site ranked.

I hope that this posting was helpful. Rocket55 is a full service marketing and design firm. Specializing in Minnesota web design and Minnesota SEO.


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