June 22

ROCKET55 PRESENTS: 5 SEO Facts In Under 5 Minutes

In this episode of 5Facts, R55 Technical SEO Specialist Matt Pfeifer breaks down Google’s Project Owl, Google Data Studio, and new search algorithm updates to help business owners stay ahead of the SEO curve.


Hey I’m Matt with Rocket55, I’m a Technical SEO Specialist, and I’m here to give you five facts in under five minutes.


Alright, Project Owl. What is it? Project Owl is Google’s way of combating misleading or misinformation online. You can see Project Owl in action in the drop-down menus when you type in a query. It asks you to report anything you see that’s offensive or misleading. As you’re reporting stuff, Google updates its algorithm to make sure you’re always getting the best news.


Special character drops. Google recently announced that they’ll be dropping special characters from their title tags. While many people have used these as clickbait to try and get people to click on their search results, even though you may not be the highest ranked, Google will no longer allow this. They simply will not display them in the search results. Make sure to change those out with real content, because there’s no reason to give up valuable real estate like that.


Google’s moving toward a mobile-first algorithm. In the past, they’ve always used a desktop-first algorithm, which means they’ll index your page based upon how it looks on the desktop version. Now, though, they’re going to move toward a mobile version. They’ll look at how your page looks as a mobile web page. If you don’t have a mobile web page, your page rank is going to take a hit. Now Google is going to start rolling out these updates in the beginning of 2018 in batches, so you have time to start revamping your web page to make sure it is mobile-friendly before then.

Have you ever seen, like, a cached page? It’ll be, like, skinny, you know? Like in a mobile version. Not the wide version. That’s basically all it means, but if you don’t have a mobile site, you’re screwed.


The local ranking mix. Google is going to start taking into account more and more, reviews and ratings. While name, address, and phone number in the past might have gotten you traffic, reviews and ratings are going to get you the conversions. In the past, reviews and ratings haven’t been taken into account in terms of authority or page rank. But now they are. In local search, if you have great reviews, you’re going to be displayed higher than people with bad reviews. Think about this in terms of restaurants. Use voice search: restaurants near me. The ones with the best reviews will be displayed, other people with not-so-great reviews will not be displayed. Give your customers a good way to review you online, and make sure it’s simple and easy to do.


Google Data Studio is a real-time PowerPoint, essentially. What it is is a dashboard that allows you to display different metrics across different Google Products. Google Adwords, Google Analytics, even Google Spreadsheets can be incorporated into Google Studio. You can real quickly and simply get the metrics you need to run a business successfully. You’re able to analyze and make better business decisions. Not only that, but you can also make it very pretty.

I’m Matt with Rocket55, and this has been 5 Facts in Under 5 Minutes.