December 7

5 Facts in Under 5 Minutes, Episode 6

It’s time for 5 Under 5, Episode 6! SEO Specialist Matt Pfeifer talks about wait times for local results, Twitter changing character limits, Instagram removing recency from its stories, Facebook Local, and 2017 local ranking factors. Welcome to Under 5   The Latest in Digital Marketing in Under 5 Minutes   Hi, I’m Matthew Pfeifer

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December 1

November 6

5 Facts in Under 5 Minutes, Episode 5

In this episode of 5 Facts, SEO Specialist Matt Pfeifer talks about blue AMP labels, new schema options for publishers, chatbots and more. Five Under Five 5 Digital Marketing Facts. 5 Minutes or Less   I’m Matthew Pfeifer with Rocket55, an SEO specialist, and I’m here to give you 5 Facts in Under 5 Minutes.

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October 26

October 20

5 Common Social Media Marketing Myths Debunked

As an ever-changing marketing tool, several myths have developed over the past few years concerning social media. Social media is a viable tool to get your brand out there, however, like most marketing tactics, it takes a bit of finesse and fine-tuning to get your marketing just right. That’s why we’re here to put those

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October 19

October 4

5 Facts in Under 5 Minutes, Episode 4

In this episode of 5Facts, SEO Specialist Matt Pfeifer discusses Gutenberg WordPress Editor, Google Adwords changes, Facebook instant video and more.   Hi, I’m Matthew Pfeifer with Rocket55, and this is 5 SEO Facts in Under 5 Minutes.   1. WordPress Gutenberg  Gutenberg! Gutenberg is WordPress’s new editor. It’s replacing Visual Editor, and what it’s

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September 18

5 Common PPC Myths and Why They’re Dead Wrong

Like most marketing disciplines, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has a lot of misinformation associated with it. Separating fact from fiction isn’t easy, especially because PPC simply hasn’t been in the forefront of the marketing world for nearly as long as traditional tactics. However, PPC is fast becoming one of the most effective and common marketing tactics

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September 13

5 SEO Myths We Wouldn’t Blame You for Believing

In the world of SEO, hunches don’t get results. To create an effective SEO strategy, it’s important to use tactics that are rooted in fact. Unfortunately, there are plenty of SEO misconceptions that lead businesses in the wrong direction. Much of the confusion stems from the way SEO used to be done. Just ten years

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September 8