November 26

Mobile-Friendly Websites To Be Rewarded By Google

Is your website mobile-friendly? Sure, it looks great on a desktop, but how does it translate onto a tablet or a smart phone?

The demand for mobile responsive design has reached the metaphorical ears of Google algorithms and has resulted in a push for mobile user-friendly interface.

Google recently began implementing a mobile-friendly search label when you use your phone to search the Internet. Websites that will receive a “mobile-friendly” label will meet the following criteria:

  • Software used on the websites is optimized for mobile devices. For example, sites that use Flash will be penalized.
  • Website text is readable without having to zoom in or out of the screen and respond with various devices.
  • The website images and navigation themselves respond to the size of the mobile device so users do not have to worry about zoom, resizing, or having to horizontally scroll.
  • Links and anchor texts are spaced far enough apart that when you select one you actually select it and not the ads or other clickable items surrounding what you actually want to pursue.

Not only does a label as “mobile-friendly” from Google increase the likelihood of a mobile click through, but Google is also experimenting with making mobile user experience a ranking factor. Since July 2013, Google has penalized websites that generate errors for mobile users or send users to desktop homepages instead of mobile sites, which has helped improve user mobile experiences. Even if having a mobile-friendly site doesn’t end up influencing rankings, you will still have a mobile site that your customers enjoy using and will continue to use.

The importance of creating a mobile responsive design and interface is becoming increasingly critical. As audiences begin to move from sitting behind a desktop to seeking on demand information away from home, the ability to access information on-the-move is a necessary component to having a competitive – and useful – website.

Want to see if your website is mobile-responsive? Google Developers have created an easy-to-use tool to determine if Googlebots see your website as “mobile-friendly”: .