August 25

My Internship with the Digital Marketing Experts at Rocket55

By Madison Koebnick, Rocket55 Intern


It has definitely been a privilege to spend my summer as an intern here at Rocket55! I feel that the business world has a perception that employees don’t interact with interns as much just because they are temporary — that was not the case here. On my very first day, I had so many people from the Rocket55 team coming up to me, introducing themselves, and asking me if I wanted to grab coffee or lunch — it was amazing!


What I found so awesome about interning at Rocket55 is that they actually took the time out of their day to teach the interns valuable skills. Throughout my internship, the other interns and myself had training sessions to learn more about the different areas of a digital marketing agency, such as pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media, and much more. Within those areas, the experts at Rocket55 taught us how to use online digital marketing tools, such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, WordPress, and other helpful ones. It was really cool to see how passionate each team member was about their work when they were teaching us about their area.


I was able to work a lot in the area of SEO, an area of digital marketing that is so new that not many universities and colleges even teach students about it yet…myself included! I found it really interesting to learn more about how certain search phrases and title tags are used in order to gain more traffic to a company’s website. I had never known that was an aspect of marketing until I came to Rocket55.



Another one of my favorite parts about interning at Rocket55 was the people. One thing that stood out to me was that all the employees at Rocket55 really made an effort to work on building the strength of the team. Getting work done is important, but if you want to get great work done, you need a strong, communicative team — and that’s what Rocket55 is. One of my favorite memories was when management had everyone take out two hours of their morning one day for a team-building event to brainstorm Rocket55’s big, new marketing/branding campaign. What I found awesome was seeing that, even though my team members didn’t work with each other very closely every day, they were able to use each of their strengths to communicate and come up with an amazing idea. Winning wasn’t too bad either!


Overall, my experience at Rocket55, and the skills I acquired, are resources I will be able to take into my professional career. My major is marketing, and while I’m still figuring out which part of the marketing field fits me, I’d have to say digital marketing is definitely up there on my list! Thank you, Rocket55!