November 7

Improve Your Website With Video


Videos add an eye catching and interactive element to your website. Not only do web videos engage, they educate and entertain potential customers or business contacts.

Web videos also encourage visitors to spend longer on your site. Even time waiting for the video to load increase your content’s exposure. Curiosity is on your side. Skimming headlines or looking at emphasized phrases are instantaneously gratifying and, typically, less successful. Consider news websites. Video links are just as, if not more, noticeable than headlines and extensive articles. If you can’t present a product or service to someone face-to-face, a video might just be the next best step.

However, keep in mind, not all videos are great. Some of them are just annoying, extensive, or just downright annoying. Here are a couple things to keep in mind when choosing your video:
– Quality: keep your video informative, entertaining, and worth watching.
– Relevance: kittens chasing themselves in mirrors are cute, but worthless to a website selling
audio equipment.
– Length: your video should not be more than a minute; longer than that and your audiences will
care less and less … think diminishing returns.
– Optional: personally, I hate when music is prompted to begin right when I enter a website, or
when an ad video plays in the side bar of a site. Let your audiences choose to watch the video;
I’m pretty sure they will appreciate it … as would I.

So. Web videos seem like a beneficial idea. Need help getting started? Here are a couple of suggestions:
– Demonstrative: show audiences what your product or service does.
– Testimonial: let others tell audiences how great your product or service is.