May 16

Facebook Emoticons: How Your Business Will Benefit

Remember the original Facebook status? “Lauren is:_____________” . In Facebook’s inception you were supposed to write how you were feeling. If you’ve seen The Social Network perhaps we can agree this was a good outlet for creator Mark Zuckerberg’s angst. After a while, Facebook nixed the “is” to allow for users to write anything that comes to their mind as their Facebook status. The “is” was so limiting in that you could really only write emotions. Now Facebook has brought back the option to let everyone know how you’re feeling via Facebook status with the addition of the status emoticons.

The new Facebook status emoticons are a little more advanced than just your average emoticon; there are icons for what you’re doing. This is where businesses can truly start to benefit from the incessant over-shares of Internet users.

How can a business benefit from users having an easier way to broadcast exactly what they’re doing? Because when you write that you’re, for instance, reading a blog post you can then tag Rocket55. Or if you’re eating pizza your status can simply reflect that you’re eating Digorno. The reason this is so great is because both users and businesses benefit. Clearly businesses get the recognition they’re craving on social media and users get the benefit of having the most simple way possible to let everyone they’ve ever met know exactly what they’re doing at all times.

The even better news for businesses is where this feature is likely to go in the future. It’s obvious that this feature is only in its infancy. As this feature becomes more developed it seems likely that to use it you’ll have no choice but to tag whatever product you’re using, which only means more recognition for businesses. Hopefully this is a faster way for fans and businesses to get the conversation going. Think about if you were dissatisfied with a product. You could write a status broadcasting to everyone that you’re feeling sick from your Digorno pizza that you ate. Every one of your friends knows that Digorno was tagged in that post, if Digorno didn’t respond to that message it would speak volumes to their customer service.