August 31

Explaining the Value of SEO: Part II

Last week we told you about how to explain the benefits of SEO to someone unfamiliar with all that SEO has to offer. This week, you’ll learn how to address a person who thinks their business can continue to thrive without utilizing SEO.

For the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality:

There are plenty of businesses out there that are operating just fine without using any SEO. That’s awesome for those businesses. But more than likely, unless they are virtually the only company in the world that does what they do (I’d like to hear about that business!), they have some competition that is out there stealing some of their potential clients. If you think you have a top of the line service or product, your search engine results should reflect that. There is always room for improvement in business and if you don’t want to fall behind, you’re going to have to push ahead.

It’s the 21st century. People are using the Internet to do just about everything. Whether it’s banking, shopping or dating, people around the world “Google” whatever it is that’s on their mind and find a solution to their problem or a place to go that can help them figure it out. You want your company to be that solution. A company without an SEO campaign can survive, but it won’t likely thrive. Don’t let your company miss out on potential business. Companies that utilize experienced SEO firms get their ROI and then some. Adaptation must occur in today’s business world. The longer you wait to adapt SEO principles on your website, the harder it may be to keep up with your competition, let alone out do them. SEO isn’t a fad anymore than the Internet is. It’s time for your company to operate to its fullest potential.

Next time, you’ll read about how address a person who’s had a negative experience with SEO!