August 24

Explaining the Value of SEO: Part I

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is vital to managing a successful website. Your website is never going to drive the business you need without a proper SEO campaign. You know it. I know it. But maybe your boss doesn’t…

Maybe your boss (or the person that is holding the purse strings for your company) doesn’t know a thing about SEO so they can’t begin to understand the benefits. Maybe your business is doing okay right now and no one wants to mess with something that is working. Or maybe the person in charge has given it a try, but has done so using the wrong methods and had no success. Whatever the reason might be, we both know that SEO is really important to your website and if you aren’t doing it, your business is sure to suffer. But what can you do to convince the doubters? We’re here to help you address all these types of SEO neigh-sayers.

For the boss unfamiliar with SEO:
It is not uncommon for you to work with or for someone who knows just about nothing about SEO. Some people are still working on switching over their dial-up Internet or prefer to send information via snail mail or fax as opposed to shooting you a quick email. It’s okay. You will encounter these types of technology late bloomers in almost every business. To help guide them into the 21st Century, explain SEO and its importance to them in the simplest terms possible.

Explain what SEO stands for. SEO stands for search engine optimization. When a company or web page employs proper SEO techniques they do things like building natural connections (or links) to other companies and sites and they generate unique, subject related content for their product or service. SEO is what helps search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo rank your site. The higher your site ranks on one of these search engines, the more likely a person that is seeking out your company’s services will find you. No one is 100% sure on every aspect that affects these rankings, but SEO professionals stay up to date on industry changes and techniques that should be done in order to help Google, Bing and Yahoo notice you more.

SEO can be a complicated task that requires know-how and experience. If you aren’t SEO savvy, encourage them to employ an SEO company that would work directly with you to get your site ranking for terms that will help more potential customers find you. Remind this person that SEO takes time when done right and like any other marketing or advertising material, costs money to be managed properly. Help your boss understand that SEO is vital for company growth.


Stay tuned to read about how to address other types of SEO skeptics next week!