May 17

Did Google Just Get Even Smarter?

After that wake of SEO changes that Google left in March, they have followed up with another ground-breaking release for Google users. It seems that this powerhouse search engine has actually gotten smarter. Google has unveiled what they are calling the “Knowledge Graph.” This new technology works to interpret what users actually mean by their search terms and offer more filtered information for their generic search terms. The results that these knowledge graphs deliver will help those using the search engine really delve into their search topics.

This change means big things in the search engine world. Basically, Google has gone from using keyword recognition to now using the identification of relationships. Google will no longer be simply identifying words, but will also be establishing what things are relevant to one another and guiding your searches through that establishment. The addition of this Knowledge Graph will change the search engine game, but it is not yet certain how this will affect Search Engine Optimization. Google’s Knowledge Graph is rolling out in the U.S. currently and will eventually be used globally. Check it out for yourself and see how the Knowledge Graph will change how you search.

Check out this video from Google experts to learn more:
Understanding The Knowledge Graph