January 5

Design Tips For Small Business Websites

When designing websites for small businesses, it is important to make the site accessible and attractive, especially when competing with bigger companies and corporations.  The Internet is a growing media outlet and knowing how to stand out is critical when you decide to have your business enter the World Wide Web.

Part of a small business’ appeal is personal interaction.  When building your website, keep in mind that a lot of people choose smaller businesses to support their local communities.  This should be instantly reflected on your website.  By portraying a personal image, your site’s visitors can feel comfortable and confident with their decision to interact with you and your business.

Another important element is designing a site that complements your products and/or services.  You may have a great design, but if it does not work well with what you are offering, your website will be less effective.  Your website’s design should also appeal to the visitors that you are trying to make customers.  Even product pictures can change how people perceive what you are selling.  For instance, a toy in a box is probably going to be less appealing than a poised toy standing outside of the box.

Finally, your site does not (and should not) be a slough of information.  Design, applications, and various other elements on your website will make the website more engaging.  Think of your website like a presentation you are making.  If someone is just in front of a room, reading off projector slides, you are less likely to pay attention.  However, if the presenter has an interesting visual display and interacts with the audience, the information is more likely to resonate.