January 10

Creating Web Content and Building Relationships

So, you finally decide to make a website.  Excellent.  You have great ideas and an impressive design.  If you are running a business, you probably have an online store and a news/events page … but now what?  Keeping your website up-to-date and engaging is critical to online success. How do you encourage visitors and customers to stay interested?  Time to tap into the world of social media, and you have to keep the content rolling in.

How?  Well, there are a few ways …

  • Know your customers.  If you are targeting a more tech-savvy demographic, consider a Twitter account or Facebook Fanpage.  These are great ways to connect with your current and potential clients (see more info in our previous post, Pennies For Your Thoughts).  If you understand and engage with your site visitors, you can build a stronger foundation for your business and increase customer loyalty.
  • Timing is everything.  Update your content in a time-appropriate matter and relatively frequently.  This also shows your awareness of current events.  Not all of your content has to be about your product specifically – show others that you are actually a living, breathing human being.
  • Make it a conversation.  Being talked at is not nearly as fun as being talked with.  Ask for input, have fun polls, and engage with your website’s visitors.
  • Be honest and genuine.  Even though you are communicating through the internet, being plasticity still comes across.  I don’t really like being lied to, and I doubt you do either.

Just think of it as a relationship.  Yes, it takes a little extra work, but building a relationship will turn out to be more fruitful for both you and your audiences.