August 31

SEO Facts In Under 5 Minutes, Episode 3

Rocket55 SEO Specialist Matt Pfeifer walks us through the ideas behind Google Tag Manager. He explains what it can be used for, as well as who can benefit from the platform.     My name is Matthew Pfeifer, SEO specialist here at Rocket55, here to talk to you about the magic that is Google Tag

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July 31

5 SEO Facts In Under 5 Minutes, Episode 2

In this episode of 5Facts, R55 Technical SEO Specialist Matt Pfeifer breaks down voice search for B2B, Google My Business posts, how to implement dynamically generated schema, how Entity Authority works, and Google’s new backlinking policies.   In the other one I just went completely off-script, but this one is going to be weird too.

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August 28

The Weekly Briefing: Google Considers Video Ads in Results After Head Start by Competition

SEM Specialist Reed Langton-Yanowitz discussed a new advertising option Google is testing… Google almost never lags behind the competition in regards to search engine options, but one of the few exceptions is in the area of advertising, specifically concerning promoted videos directly in search results. The tech giant doesn’t currently provide them, but it’s something

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June 3

Top 5 Reasons Your Website Needs a Video

Making your business better is always going to be a top priority. Today, the number one way to improve your business is to be as visible and as interactive as possible on the web. Adding a video to your website not only shows you’re ahead of the curve but that you’re the real deal. Here

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November 7

Improve Your Website With Video

  Videos add an eye catching and interactive element to your website. Not only do web videos engage, they educate and entertain potential customers or business contacts. Web videos also encourage visitors to spend longer on your site. Even time waiting for the video to load increase your content’s exposure. Curiosity is on your side.

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